Filmmaker , Bartender , Machinist , Entrepreneur

I'm on an journey called life. Moving from point A to point B    building my two companies Z-blade and EMZY film.
I was always self learning nurd and i'm finding it in entrepreneurship.

My journey started in London, step by step learning craft of bartending, working in amazing bars and learning from real masters of bartending craft.
This was incredible 11 years of my life, turning 30yo and founding another passion, filming pll, creating stories to tell.
And that's how my first company EMZY film started.

As i'm self learning nurd from time i was born, always breaking toys to learn how they work,
what batter machine to learn from, than CNC machine. Manufacturing, cutting metal, fashion idea to real physical thing. There was only one thing
i could create, Opener, which i carried in my back pocket on busy bar shifts.

And now i'm here, talking to you my friends.