07 Nov

As EMZY film is growing each year,
I'm starting to think about new ways to say the story of your weddings and look to our packages as what I would want from my wedding film to be like.
This one is done because as a filmmaker, I want to move beyond the standard approach to weddings and move more international..
To be honest, I need a change to something new! And by doing this package, that will be a completely new way!

And how do I describe it to you?

The ultimate movie look clip, clip in which you have everything!
Dressing, grabbing, the ceremony itself, congratulations, first dance, red and much more.

It is a mixture of documentary film and clip, similar as in the XXL package, I make both a clip and a document, in which case both are combined into one short film.
Within these 10-15 minutes we want to put everything we have in our sleeves so that your children and grandchildren can also remember us.

We shoot from early morning to late hours and the next date of the day.


I think this is the way we want to continue as EMZYfilm. To be batter!
But this package is not for everyone! Not everyone wants to miss priest talking, or all bottle dance.
Then there will be XXL package for you. 

Honestly, I believe this will be a new standard of ours. Before we shut others packages. God bless us with this decision. 

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