10 Oct

Iˇm glad to say that we are starting taking projects to keep our CNC mill busier.

At this time iˇm making one of the parts for Grunt guitars - guitar bridge custom made for my friend Martin Juriček who is crafting those beautiful instruments.

I´ve just finished the prototype, which he needs to test on the guitar, after that it will get some coating and will dress his custom made apparatus.

More projects are coming, or are they waiting? ( 9mm handle Aďo ... :D )

Take a look at Grunt guitars, they are proudly made in Slovakia, same as Zblades! :D


And if you ask, yes I´m planning to do some blogs or learn how to write a blog post :D Just practice and one more practice! It will be a long journey I guess.

Anyway, I´ve decided to write in English, by doing this I can see that not many ppl will read it, but that is ok, those are my blogs, my thoughts, and my practice again.

Hopefully, I won´t stop doing it after a few posts, please wish me luck in it :D

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