Filmmaker - Bartender
Machinist - Entrepreneur

Let me show you what my passion is

Im filmmaker who loves to capture or create stories .My work is under EMZY FILM . And on the meantime as big hobby of mein i do machining, creating this unique bar equipment - Z BLADE. Be welcome check it out !

My fellow teammates

Vlastimil Slávik


Vlasťo , such a free minded guy with unique eye for photo stories. You wouldn´t believe how different he is taking his photos to show not only what is on picture, but what is behind it.

Arnold Horvath


Aťo as we call him ! We love his post production. Mixing colors to deep tones. keeping highlights safe. Do you want to feel relaxed on the photo shoot ? Call Him

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Zuzana Mjachká


Zuzana loves portraits ! All moods, happy, sad, smiley, angry, she will find right time to press shutter, to take the best from you ! Give her free hand to create and you will be suprised of you.

Branislav Hanus


Time to time I have the opportunity to work on the wedding with some outstanding photographer I have never worked before, Branislav is one of those! Then I came back home, check their work and I'm amazed. Man, I want you at my wedding! ( you don't need full-frame when you have a Fuji )

Jaroslav Vaľko


Jaris is most free minded guy i´ve ever known ! Chill videography, dedication to each frame, viewers feel chill vibe. This guy know how to tell stories.

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